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Hello, I'm Elizabeth

London & California based.

I am a self-motivated artist and business student, and consider neither as a side hustle. Having recently won a design award, I can now call myself an 'award-winning' designer, haha. Passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses turn their business idea into a full on brand with an identity! I never stop looking for opportunities to grow my expertise. Learning together and being curious for more is what energizes my spirit hamster in its wheel. 

So what the heck does 'FAJI' mean? This simple word is the pinyin compilation of the Chinese characters ' 發跡 ', meaning  to have or make a good fortune. As a visual identity designer and illustrator, I want to share good fortune through our work together. I am passionate about sharing the wonderful things a good design can do for you and your brand. 

With greater insight comes open doors; this motto is what I owe all my passions and dreams. Let's open some new doors together!



Dec 2019- Current

Freelance creative design work, illustration, and video editing for clients and contractual work.

* Edited IGTV videos for Youtuber Jenn Im’s fashion brand, Eggie.

* Award-winning  illustrated California calendar and holiday cards sold in 2020 in collaboration with Limvi Studio. 

* Brand Identity for TikTok creator Bianca Jolyn
* Illustrated website landing page and commercial stickers for D.C. based app, Simmer.
* Created brand identity for sustainable wellness brand, Wellnia.


March 2020- Current

Content creation for social media channels focusing on Flowly's mission towards chronic pain and anxiety management.

* Managing social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) focusing on outreach and introducing the          app to influencers within the chronic pain community.

* Creating content on a regular basis to be posted daily, focusing on the topic of  pain relief and relaxation.


July 2019- Ongoing

( Independent Contractor)

Working on ongoing projects alongside co-founder Wenjia doing branding work for clients.


* Commissioned by Spiritea to create promotional illustrations for a new release. Designs used in store & online.
* Created Mockups for LIMVI Studio’s online portfolio, using Sketch.
* Social media management and content creation for jewelry brand, The Aurum Speak.