abu design-12.jpg



  • Logo Design

  • Visual Identity

Brand Words: 

  • Fresh

  • Organic

  • Bright

Type: Procreate, Adobe Illustrator

Year: 2019

Description: Created logo designs for TikTok'er Bianca Jolyn for her incoming line of merchandise.  For her initial line, we wanted to focus on her meaningful relationship with her deaf brother which initially captured the attention of the TikTok audience.

abu design-14.png

The premise behind the project was to create some logos for her brand and future merch. The designs highlight her loving relationship with her brother, who is deaf.  ’Abu’ comes from a beautiful anecdote that when her brother says "I love you, Bianca" it sounds like "abu, Bianca"! Beautiful story and we really wanted to capture that love within the word. 


The focus on the letter "b" is because Bianca and her brother, Bruce, both have "B" names. Fortunately, the letter worked perfectly with transforming into the sign language hand 'I love you". 

abu design-13.png

Final logo designs and colour palette. 






Mockups for her future merchandise line in order to allow Bianca to get a better idea of how the logo assets will look.

color paletteAsset 3.png
abu design-12.jpg