dragon girl cover.png



  • Logo Design

  • Visual Identity

Brand Words: 

  • Bold

  • Asian

  • Bright

Type: Procreate, Adobe Illustrator

Year: 2019

Description: Dragon Girl is creating a culture & fashion brand specifically to help uplift West-born Asians and to dispel body standards that have been enforced in the past. This will be done through a size-inclusive clothing line and an online community platform. My role with them was to create a logo and visual identity that would encompass their mission as well as appeal to the target consumer.

west vs east moodboard.png

When researching the brand concept, I had to dig deep on what visualising the Asian-American experience looks like. As one myself, I believe that most of us would identify as a straight 50/50 split between both cultures– so I really wanted to express that through the branding. This mood board was created to identify commonly recognized imagery that strongly represent Eastern and Western cultures.


For the West, I used Boticelli’s The Birth of Venus as my main inspiration. Not only are Greek statues and Renaissance paintings common symbols used to represent western art, but I felt that Venus would be an appropriate muse for a healthy body type. In the Eastern context, I wanted to balance the flash back to art history with some ancient Chinese paintings/embroideries.


The result is a visually harmonious marriage between two very different cultures.

color palette Asset 58300.png
color moodboard dg.png

​The color palette was directly pulled from iconic Asian-American staples such as fortune cookies, bok-choy, and takeout ‘Thank You’ bags. Altogether, the palette exudes a feel for 90’s nostalgia which would be easily recognized by the target consumer.

dragon girl logo ideation.png
Asset 34@300x.png
Asset 33@300x.png
Asset 32@300x.png
Asset 31@300x.png

The logo itself is a symbiotic mixture of iconic Eastern and Western symbols: the head of a dragon and the body of Venus/Aphrodite. Together they create a powerful figure that perfectly embodies everything that Dragon Girl stands for.

dragon girl biker shorts transparent.png