• Branding

  • Visual Identity

  • Logo Design

Brand Words: 

  • Elegant

  • Quirky

  • Asian / Western

Type: Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD

Year: 2019

Description: Product branding for a mock beverage brand, Kussi. As Kussi is an organic brand celebrating the product of nature, an elegant cheerful identity was created. 

The Peony is a symbol of wealth and fortune, and also considered China's imperial flower.

The Cabbage in Chinese is homophonous with "100" and thus means that it will bring wealth.

Left: This features the silohuette of a Chinese Yuan Bao "元寶" which was once used as a large form of currency and was traditionally a gold bar. It has now become a symbol of wealth and prosperity.


Right: The #8 looks just like the infinity symbol, but vertical. Due to its infinite qualities, 8 is a symbol of a long life and good fortune. And the #88 is said to resemble the characters 喜喜​​​​​​​, which bring double happiness.

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