• Branding

  • Visual Identity

  • Packaging Design

Brand Words: 

  • Fresh

  • Organic

  • Bright

Type: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop

Year: 2019

Description: Zine illustrations based upon a selection of quirky personal experiences. Whether it be spending a first Christmas, making morning pancakes, or building snowmen, everything is designed with a lighthearted comical approach towards romance in the current age. 

Sim and Ze Zine Mockup

Cream n' Cakes

Everyone has a soulmate, and what's more delectable than some pancakes n' whipped cream. This brekky is always paired with vitamin water to fight the cold and hotcakes to warm our souls. 

Cream n' Cakes by Elizabeth Lai
Making Friends by Elizabeth Lai

Making Friends

Every white winter, there's the rare chance it hits 0°C when it marks the time to build snow-friends. Every year, our snowman George grows bigger and adorns new accessories.

Kolme, Kaksi, Yksi

January 1st, the new year never fails to commence with a countdown and a kiss. In the cold, there's nothing warmer.  

Kolme, Kaksi, Yksi by Elizabeth Lai