UAL x Tate Christmas Cards

Type: Procreate

Year: 2020

Description: Two submissions for the 2020 UAL x Tate Christmas Card Competition. I wanted to capture the intimate and playful essence of Christmas, without being blatantly straightforward about the subject matter. The taste of Tate Museum's target audience would appreciate a product that is alternative and unique, even when it comes to Christmas Cards! 

Christmas Cheers Card.jpg

X-mas Cheers!

Holiday celebrations often times are accompanied by the drink of your choice, whether it's a hardy beer or a festive cocktail. I wanted to capture a range of beverage choices that could be relatable to a wider audience. This card could be gifted to a lot of different people due to its androgynous energy. 


The Giving Candle

Capturing the essence of the holiday season through a single candle. It's warm and intimate as one candle burns, and yet it has an energetic essence as it flickers off a family of joyous people.